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Aug 22


Yesterday I heard an interesting phrase from my good friend cum actress: “Only poor people and losers have a bad figure in Los Angeles.” It clearly says: if you have money, you will necessarily spend it on your physical health and the beauty of your body. The only reason that someone in this city does not engage in any kind of fitness and not following the rules of healthy eating is the lack of money. They lack opportunities to buy good products and probably a gym subscription.

You cannot argue with this statement, but checking the results gained by international models like those in Victoria’s Secret, the fear of “gym” stops. In general, I can hardly find positive moments in two hours of hard workouts like crouching, lifting iron weights or skipping in the aerobics class. I would prefer something more elegant, tidy, pleasant smelling and won’t take more than half an hour per day- this is fitness for me. I’ll go look for this option in Los Angeles (I do not want to be considered a poor loser).

Yes, Los Angeles is the capital of business, cinematography and all that we collectively call “glamor”, but also the capital of physical beauty. A tight, slender body, traced where you need muscles, smooth skin (not only on your face) and a healthy glow like after a long walk along the ocean or training in the Pilates studio. This is all, as they say, “masthev” and a sign that your life will be like a fairy tale. And vice versa: a belly-chill from under a short top, loose knobby knees, a wobbly priest aspiring to the heels – this will be the portrait of a man who has no chance of success in Los Angeles. The city of angels is not distinguished by angelic tolerance but always by clothes, and often by what is under the clothes.

No wonder that gyms are packed around the clock. And you can see new healthy eating joints in every corner of the street. It’s a shame to save on yourself and your health – this is a sign of bad taste and financial distress. And I do not want to save – just sweat in the gym, I do not want even more. I need body building to be as much aesthetic and enjoyable as possible. I can not stand muscle pain the next day after 50 sit-ups. I hate to strain until fainting, trying to master the simulators. I do not want to practice for more than half an hour. The naive? Rather well-informed.

For example, I know that in Europe there are very popular innovative simulators that bring the body in shape and free of toxins with half an hour workout a day! These are special capsule devices in which a vacuum is created around your body. You put on a special suit and walk on a treadmill or slowly pedal the exercise bike, and your muscles work as in intensive two-hour workout in the hall. Also inside these devices are capsules with a unique mixture of essential oils that magically lead the muscles into tonus, but it won’t hurt the next day. In general, these newfangled European trainers have some solid positive characteristics. And there is only one drawback – this is very rare out of the country.

Believe it or not, there is only one fitness club in US with such devices! It’s called The Art of Body Shape and is (about happiness!) In Los Angeles, and not somewhere in progressive New York. In general, that’s where I went in the hope of looking appropriately to an uncompromising city (that is good and inexpensive).