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About Our Unique Concept

Why still go to a regular gym or fitness studio, when you can come to us? We only use state of the art equipment and are the first in the US with this concept. While it’s new in  here, in Europe it’s one of the fastest growing trends in health and fitness. Vacuum and water resistance training is not just more effective but also releases you from negative impact on your joints. We have selected our equipment so you can get the most effective work out in a much shorter time as in any other regular gym, leaving you with more time to do the thing you like most.

Did you know that Beverly Hills Magazine called us: The best studio in Beverly Hills”

Not just that, people love us on Yelp, Instagram and other Socials media sources, For example: “Awesome customer service and a 1000 calories in 30 minutes”

For more quotes and comments check out our social channels and the other reviews on yelp.

Welcome to The Art of Body Shape in Beverly Hills!