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Organic Detox Spa

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(better known as aqua therapy) was brought to Austria in the 19th century. Many Europeans believed that applying water at various pressures and temperatures to the body had powerful healing properties. Word of his philosophy and practices spread throughout Europe, and spas became the pastime of choice for the rich and privileged. Today, health spas have progressed from more than just water healing, to offer other therapies such as relaxation technique, physical fitness, and nutritional guidance. Aromatherapy, or the art of using natural oils, has become a staple in spa therapies around the world. Here, you will enjoy the luxury of aromatherapy as we create special blends of essential oils to deliver incredible skin rejuvenation benefits

Organic SPA in Beverly Hills

Our Organic Detox Spa Treatment

Our Organic Detox Spa uses timeless detoxing techniques in an innovative way. When you enter the spa, you will notice the distinct aroma of Red Cedar, which  covers all of the walls in our Organic Detox Spa. These walls were handmade using Red Cedar slices from British Columbia, Canada, in order to provide you with  relaxation the moment you step inside. Because Cedar trees grow in damp environments, they have self-protective qualities to protect themselves from insects, rot,  and extreme temperatures⎯ making the wood ideal for rehabilitation.

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In addition to our one-person steam barrels, we have our Japanese Dry Ofuro, which is also made of cedar wood, and filled with a special blend of salts. As you lay in this timeless rectangular bath, a unique blend of salts is added and heated to a temperature of 100-120F degrees to provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience. While salt procedures are not uncommon, our Japanese Dry Ofuro is unique in that all of our salts are sea salts? obtained naturally from evaporating sea water. Our luxurious blend of Dead Sea, Himalayan, and Mediterranean salts provides optimal results not found in other salt procedures. Each salt is special, delivering various properties to give you the ultimate experience.
Dead Sea Salt- The salt of the Dead Sea has been praised for its therapeutic effects for over two thousand years. Cleopatra herself set up the world’s first day spa on the shores of the Dead Sea, testifying to the multitude of benefits from the salts. The salt of the Dead Sea is made up of only 8% sodium chloride, with a high percentage of magnesium, calcium-chloride, and potassium, which makes its mineral content unlike any other sea salt. Magnesium helps to combat stress and fluid retention, slow aging skin, and calm the nervous system while calcium prevents water retention, increases circulation, and strengthens the bones and nails. The potassium content helps energize the body and balance skin moisture, which is especially important following any intense exercise. Bromides and sodium in the salt also aid muscle relaxation and lymphatic fluid balance.
Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt- This salt has worked up a world-famous reputation for itself, and with good reason. The crystals are said to help balance the body’s alkaline and eliminate sediment. This makes Himalayan crystals a vital ingredient for skin detoxification.
Mediterranean Spa Salt- This European salt is harvested from the enchanting waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The sun and ocean air evaporate the salt into a vibrant white color, leaving a perfect relaxing element behind that is optimal for spa treatment.

In this 15-20 minute Japanese Dry Ofuro bath, you will improve your metabolism and aid weight loss. This modern design allows the thermostat to automatically maintain the desired temperature, allowing your body to relax, while stimulating the cardiovascular system and kidneys. Ofuro normalizes metabolism, removes the pain of rheumatism, and doctors say that regular attendance can greatly reduce the risk of colds. The high temperature of the bath also allows your pores to drive out toxins and tighten, releasing extra weight and giving your skin that smooth, elastic feel. Additionally, it is an ideal form of relaxation for anyone suffering from chronic lack of sleep, stress, anxiety, or psychological stress. Feel the release of physical and psychological strain as you spend 15-20 minutes in total relaxation.

Organic Detox SPA in Beverly Hills

Benefits of the Organic Detox Spa:

Increased metabolism
Digestion aid
Increased blood circulation and cell oxygenation, helping to dissolve and eliminate the body of toxins
Increased body temperature, killing harmful germs and viruses
Improved nourishment to vital organs and tissues
Physical and mental relaxation
Feelings of physical and psychological well-being
Therapeutic effects on the skin
Enhanced immunity and increased endorphin production
Normalized gland function