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Unique Equipment

We represent a new concept in fitness and spa technology. This is the future of result driven workouts which combine the newest achievements in the industry to provide optimal weight loss and exceptional body rejuvenation benefits. This kind of training helps regenerate the connective tissue of skin allowing the skin to appear younger and smoother. Blocked fat cells in problem zones open up, the fat stored inside will be discharged, transformed into energy and burnt more effectively. Our unique treadmills and recumbent bikes combine cardio training with deep pressure massage to activate blood circulation. The vacuum pump inside the housing pulls the blood flow to the outermost layers of the skin tissues. The exercise then pushes the blood to circulate back inward, thus insuring a complete and uninterrupted blood circulation. This helps to release normally hard to get to fat cells and burn them. Our gentle training keeps the heart rate at an optimal fat burning level. This results in fat being burned much faster and with much less effort than competing weight workout programs. The lymphatic massage roller, air pressure massage and hydro massage help regenerate the connective skin tissues, allowing the skin to appear younger and smoother. Benefits include increased blood circulation, increased fat cell metabolism, optimal fat burning, reduction in cellulite appearance, loss of inches around thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach as well as firm and attractive looking skin.


Take your health and fitness to its highest level with this unique state of the art treadmill. BodyShape promotes rapid weight loss and skin conditioning. It combines the benefits of a treadmill with advantages of vacuum and infrared technologies. Built in collagen laps help rejuvenate the skin for a younger, firmer looking body. It is also an ideal anti-cellulite treatment for your lower body. With the combined benefits of this innovative exercise equipment you can lose weight up to 3 times faster than a traditional treadmill.


Our massage roller combined with infrared light is designed to increase lymphatic circulation while gently massaging your body. This treatment provides slimming effects, helps eliminate cellulite and promotes overall good appearance of the skin.

InfraShape Horizontal

Effectively fight cellulite and experience rapid weight loss benefits with our recumbent bikes. The bikes are equipped with pressurized vacuum massage stimulation, infrared heating and collagen lamps. The combined effect of these technologies will help you burn fat faster and thus dramatically reduce your workout time. In addition to firming and toning your body, your will also protect your health, bone structure, joints, and muscles.


Experience a full-body workout in a matter of minutes with our vibration based fitness machine. This advanced whole body vibration device features integrated infra light technology to improve muscle tone, alleviate pain and burn fat by warming up muscle tissue.

ActiveCouch Relaxation Chair

A great relaxing heated lounger, the activecoach relaxation chair puts your body in its most comfortable position. Adequate rest is a very important part of our fitness experience: after a physical workout, the activecoach helps you relax and bring your body and mind to a harmonious composition.

Life Fitness Gym

Powerful  LIFE FITNESS GYM is created for the total-body exercises. You can enhance your muscles strength and work on upper body (abdominal and oblique, biceps, triceps, chest, shoulder and back exercises) and lower body as well. It’s ergonomically-designed to mimic your body’s natural path of motion.

*  We have FITNESS MATS and WEIGHTS available for any other types of training that you might want to experience in our studio.